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home staging per la vendita


Home Staging aimed at homes for sale to make the buyer fall in love on the first visit. Statistics show that the decision to buy a house occurs in the first 60 seconds of the visit.  Getting the "Wow" effect is the winning move.

Allestimento case vacanze


Nella vasta scelta degli alloggi, è fondamentale fare la differenza per

catturare e offrire al tuo ospite più che un posto dove dormire, un esperienza unica. Studieremo il brand e lo stile del tuo alloggio per fare si che scelgano il tuo.

Allestimento locale commerciale


Home Staging farà in modo di presentare al meglio la tua attività, sia che si tratti di un ristorante, bar, negozio ma anche di un ufficio. 

Ti aiutiamo a capire chi è il tuo cliente e come accontentarlo al meglio offrendoli un posto accogliente ed unico.




1. Initial inspection together with the real estate agent or owner, to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the house and the potential target. Drafting of the report and detailed advice on how to set up and prepare the property for sale or rent. In this case the work is done by the owner or agent himself. When the work is completed, an inspection is carried out and any details corrected. This is a minimally invasive intervention, designed for houses inhabited at the time of sale, so as not to disturb the privacy of the tenants.

2. Unlike in point 1, the work is done by us. Following the inspection, the report is made with the proposal to purchase any objects, changes to the existing furniture, setting up with real furniture or models, curtains, paintings, various accessories and professional photos.

3. In addition to point two, the proposal nr.3 involves professionals for various jobs (painting, repairs  simple, installation of light points ...) construction supervision, set-up, professional photos.

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